DiMora Mobile
DiMora Mobile is a global manufacturer of cutting edge smartphones. The company was founded on the principle that great smartphones don't have to be expensive. As many users now expect to fix or replace a phone in less than a year, we provide a superior alternative. Our products offer better durability, optimal performance and longer battery life. DiMora Mobile products are better and stronger, designed to outlast the rest. 

Let the smartphone price escalation war continue.  As flagship phone prices rise above $1,000, one can buy a delicate phone, with a fragile screen that breaks every few months and a battery that dies every few hours, or you can simply DEMAND MORE! 

The solution has arrived. At DiMora Mobile we continue to demand more. More battery life! More durability! More power optimization! More lines! More honesty!  And DiMora Mobile customers get a reasonable price and great support to go with it. We offer high performance, well-designed, top quality smartphones with top features for less than $500 with local support and service. Demand DiMora and get a great phone for a great price from a company that truly cares about customer service.

Products in the DiMora Mobile lineup feature longer lasting batteries, waterproof enclosures, military-grade impact resistance, high quality displays, high megapixel cameras and multi-core SoC (system-on-a-chip) processors to optimize performance at all times. DiMora is the ultimate solution for consumers that want a great product with great service at a reasonable price.

Sir Alfred J. DiMora – Chairman
As an entrepreneur and business consultant, Sir Alfred J. DiMora has advised and built companies in industries as diverse as chemical recycling, public relations management, software development, television infomercial production, and real estate development. As owner of DiMora Entertainment, Mr. DiMora is a major participant in the development of very large Ferris wheels to be constructed in North America and Asia. He also served as Vice President for Finance of Envision Entertainment Corp., producers of such major Hollywood movies as Freelancers starring Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker. 

In 1997, Mr. DiMora founded Star Bridge Systems, Inc. to advance reconfigurable computing technologies. Star Bridge created powerful, high-performance computer platforms and a new software language called Viva, for a new supercomputer platform called hypercomputing. Star Bridge customers include NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and the National Cancer Institute. Mr. DiMora served as Chairman, CEO, and President. Mr. DiMora may best be known for his company, DiMora Motorcar; a high end production automotive company that markets and sells limited edition automobiles such as the DiMora Vicci 6.2. In 2016, he purchased Western Eagle Boats, founded in 1963, from Western Fiberglass, Inc. He moved the boat production to Palm Springs, California, and changed the name to DiMora Watercraft. The boats are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced materials using state-of-the-art sandwich construction.

Sir Alfred J. DiMora was inducted into the Knights of Malta in 2001. He is a member of the Motor Press Guild and the Society of Automotive Engineers. He was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame of Gates-Chili High School, and he was honored with a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.

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