DMX is the sleek and powerful phone with reserve power using the power pack extender for more than 4700 mAh of battery power. 6.4mm thin with a crisp, bright 5" display. Compact design fits perfectly in a single hand. DUAL SIM, headphone jack and external 512GB MicroSDXC card slot come standard.

InnoV4 is an affordable phone with modern features. InnoV4 offers 2-Line Dual SIM and Micro SDXC External expansion up to 512GB.
Ergonomic design fits firmly in any size hand with no wasted space for the large, bright 5.72” display. Wrap-Around 2.5D edges and rounded corners for a premium design that just feels right in your hand.

T8 is a 2018 modern device with a 5.72” display that fills the front of your phone. 18:9 aspect ratio means a large display in a slimmer package. Light on weight with numerous features including Dual SIM and 512G Micro SDXC card slot.
Active lifestyle and adventure trekkers will love the rugged new Adrenalin. Adrenalin has it all with rugged performance and smooth lines. 2.4 Octa-core power, 6GB RAM + 128 GB storage, 16 + 8MP cameras, kevlar lining, ultra-durable IP68 construction. Waterproof, dustproof & drop ready.

DuroPro is the ultimate for those in the realm of adventure. Long battery, rugged design make this phone the dream of every hard charger, water warrior and lover of the outdoors. DuroPro keeps you alive when it counts.

Duro is the little brother to the DuroPro. Smaller size, but many of the same features including IP68 weatherproof outer shell. Long battery life, quality camera continue as standards in the Duro line of phones.